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Project Description
IdleTest help you to write Unit Test with C# on Visual Studio.

IdleTest encapsulate common handling of Assert Class that Visual Studio 2012 provided. I hope it is useful for everyone who write C# Unit Test Code. Since the project is shorthanded and just started, so the library is still smaller. When adding or modifing it later, the code will be updated to

At the same time , it will give me great pleasure for your coming up and sharing your code of unit test . The purpose of IdleTest is "More idle in coding, code coverage more" just as I wish what it do.

Noted: Code comments is Chinese.
Look forward to progress together with you!

Welcom to my blog: (Chinese)

  同时也欢迎大家拿出常用的 unit test code 来分享。我在codeplex创建IdleTest的初衷就是希望资源共享,在编写unit test时能“以更少的测试代码达到更高的代码覆盖率”,因为我们 coder 经常懒得写Unit Test。


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